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Welcome to our website, this is a project in which we learn and give continuous training for everyone to learn.

We are a highly professional team and you can join us or even form your own team.

Do you want to learn?

Everything we have, we have to thank Ircnow and specially jrmu for helping us to grow and teach us everything we know.

Services We Offer

  • FREE Shell Account

  • FREE ZNC Bouncer

  • FREE Email Account

  • Hosting Services Starting $3 monthly!

To request an account please connect to our chat server join channel #nastycode and type !help Nick registration is strongly recommended.

NastyCode IRC Network Policy

  • Abusive or harmful bots are prohibited.

  • No flooding or nuking of any kind.

  • Treat users with respect.

  • Ops begging,or any form of harassment is unacceptable, and considered reason for "permanent removal".

  • Abuse of Network Services will result in in removal of yourself from the network.

  • Any breach of policy can and will result in your "permanent removal" from this server.

Important!!! The administrators of this server and of this network reserve the right to deny access to any user at any time without notice. Use of all servers on this network is a privilege, not a right. Treat it with respect if you wish the service to continue to be offered.


IRC is an unmoderated medium. NastyCode does not log or scrutinize the traffic which passes through this server. We take no responsibility, and explicitly disclaim any legal liability for the content of any messages which pass through this server, and the results of running any commands you do as a result of being "on IRC".

 ___   _      ___   _      ___   _      ___   _      ___   _
 [(_)] |=|    [(_)] |=|    [(_)] |=|    [(_)] |=|    [(_)] |=|
  '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|
 /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /
                             |            |            |
                         ___  \_      ___  \_      ___  \_
                        [(_)] |=|    [(_)] |=|    [(_)] |=|
                         '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|
                        /mmm/        /mmm/        /mmm/